ONCE UPON A TIME, in a land not far from here, there was a small software company dedicated to serving the needs of the emerging wireless communications industry. The company, started by the three amigos Dr. Dave, Senor Scooter, and Sir Charles, grew slowly nurtured in part by the creative atmosphere that was cultivated deliberately so that the few employees (many resembling potted plants) should thrive and grow and contribute to the overall oxygenation of the environment. As the company flourished the money coming in was neatly counterbalanced by the commitments going out and the healthy environment was maintained much to the delight of all involved.

Then one day Dr. Dave decided, in his own magnanimous manner, that perhaps the potted plants would like to share the vision that the broad vistas of the corner office allowed and so he started producing a rather bland bit of fertilizer called "The President's Memo". Perhaps if he had known that from this simple beginning would arise the bloody and ruthless newsletter wars of the following years he might never have done so. However, one can not change the past, only look back on it and reflect upon the wisdom of decisions made there.

This is the story of that long ago time captured in the form of those newsletters that have miraculously survived the carnage. Herein, in addition to "The President's Memo", you shall find "The Voice Channel", "Richardson Sports Weekly", "Interference", and "The Dirt Rag", all serving as ample evidence of that long past creative environment, the likes of which may never be seen again.

Dark Star Software in association with the Deaf Gods of Babylon would be proud to present...
A Dirt Rag Press Production

The CNet Newsletter Wars - A Historical Archive

...but sadly the site content has faded into the past and in memory of those
bygone days it is probably best to leave it that way. Apathetics Forever!